Because of the tireless efforts from professional volunteers, and SPG: CSI’s dedication, together we have achieved amazing results locally, in Bosnia, Bhutan, South Africa, and beyond!

  • SPG: CSI worked with a 4-year-old who was hidden in his house because his family was ashamed of his disability.
  • We met a 12-year-old who had never been to school and whose parents would lock him in his empty “bedroom” (merely a concrete room and a bucket) because he was nonverbal and had become so aggressive that they did not know how to control his behaviors.
  • We are ecstatic to tell you that by October 2012 both the 4-year-old and the 12-year-old had started to attend school and were doing well!

For the first time, in many places, students with autism and other disabilities are receiving treatment, home-based intervention programs have been established, parents are being educated, and the numbers of treatment centers continue to grow across the globe.
But our mission is far from complete. Sustainable treatment requires maximizing impact and minimizing cost, a strategy SPG:CSI has implemented successfully. For example:

  • In a four-phase project, over 60 professionals received hands-on training in Bosnia.
  • 35 American volunteer professionals donated services, and 50% of those returned for second year projects.
  • Total four-year cost: Approximately $66,000. Cost per participant approximately $112 each.