In December 2012, SPG: CSI was invited to the Himalayan country of Bhutan to provide training to medical and educational professionals. Partnering with Bhutan’s Ministry of Health, and The Ability Bhutan Society, and other San Francisco-based professionals, including a developmental pediatrician and neuropsychologist, SPG: CSI helped to accomplish the following:

  • Provided three days of seminars to introduce the field of pediatric speech-language pathology. Consistent with an ethic of sustainability and efforts to “teach the teachers,” the trainings were videotaped and made available to interested Bhutanese professionals in both medical and educational settings.
  • Provided multidisciplinary consultation to pediatric clients at the country’s primary hospital, located in the capital city of Thimphu. Local professionals observed and provided co-treatment when possible in order to provide ongoing treatment.
  • In order to determine the possibility of long-term involvement, SPG: CSI assessed the needs of the region, as they related to pediatric speech-language assessment and treatment, by meeting with and interviewing a Bhutanese child psychiatrist, special education ministers from Dept. of Education, the Bhutanese Minister of Health, pediatricians at the main hospital in Thimphu, the Head of Public Health, and Bhutan’s only speech therapist.